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Provides coverage to persons who travel outside of Puerto Rico with worldwide coverage.

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Before traveling, it is important to take out travel insurance that offers the necessary protection to those travelers who wish to stay outside of Puerto Rico. To do this, MAPFRE offers you its travel insurance that will protect you against minor unforeseen events or even medical emergencies.

Travel insurance places at the policyholder’s disposal immediate material help in the form of services when they are encountering difficulties as a result of an unforeseen event that occur on a trip outside of Puerto Rico. We offer better coverage in air travel, land travel and excursions.

The policyholder will have the option to select limits and coverages from among the following coverage plans: Platinum, Gold, Plus.

Plan Platinum
Plan Gold
Plan Plus
Transport or Medical Emergency transportationNo limit$ 75,000
$ 50,000
Accident Medical Assistance$ 50,000$ 30,000
$ 15,000
Medical Illness assistance$ 50,000$ 30,000
$ 15,000
Dental Odontology assistance$ 300$ 150
$ 100
Therapy$ 300$ 150$ 100
Prescription drugs$ 1,000$ 500
$ 250
Stay - Travel companion$ 750$ 500$ 375
Transfer of designated individualNo limit$ 1,000$ 500
Stay in Hotel Designated individual$ 750$ 500$ 375
Transportation of Deceased insured$ 10,000$ 8,000$ 6,000
Travel cancellation (*check the limit for additional premium)$ 1,500$ 750$ 500
Limit for Travel interruption (*check the limit for additional premium)$ 1,500$ 750$ 500

Those eligible for this coverage are persons who travel outside of Puerto Rico:

  • Who are not older than eighty-four (84) years of age at the time they make the trip.
  • They are not registered in a formal educational institution outside of Puerto Rico territory.

For more information, you may access the brochure or call MAPFRE Contact Center directly at 787-250 5214 or 1-888-835-3634 (island).

What does travel insurance cover?

The travel insurance protects the policyholder for incidents that occur during a trip. These incidents range from trip cancellation, loss of luggage, to emergency medical assistance and transport.

What period is covered by travel insurance?

The travel insurance shall be valid on the day the policyholder boards the transport on which he/she is travelling and ends with the expiry of the contracted trip.

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