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Allows for the immediate appraisal of your car throughout the whole island.

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Where and how can you make your claim?

All clams can be reported through MAPFRE Contact Center, where a reference number and an adjuster will be assigned to you, and a date with the day and time at the branch closest to you, to avoid delays in attending to your claim.
We have Claims Offices throughout the entire island, to make processing your claim easier:

  • San Juan.
  • Bayamón.
  • Caguas.
  • Mayagüez.
  • Ponce.
  • Arecibo.

In all of these centers, we have an excellent team of adjusters and appraisers who will resolve your case promptly.

In addition, we have a Special Processing Center –CETRAMES- in San Juan, the most modern and complete Adjustment Center. You will find a full team of professionals exclusively dedicated to this task, resolving automobile claims as quickly as possible.

To notify claims through the Internet, select one of the following alternatives:

  • Residential Claims.
  • Automobile Claim.
  • Flood Claim.
What information and documents are needed to process your automobile claim?

If you are our policyholder, you should have the following information:

  • Policy number.
  • In whose name is the policy.
  • Policyholder’s Social Security Number.
  • Documents needed for the Claim process- Auto:
    • Driver’s License.
    • Automobile Registration (it may be a copy).
    • Complaint Report or complaint number.

If it is a previously reported claim, you should have the claim number.

Claims for Physical Damages to the Automobile

All claims filed for physical damages will be attended exclusively by the Claims Department at the Central Offices. MAPFRE’s Claims Department has the Physical Damages Unit – also known as the Auto BI Unit (Bodily Injury) – which consists of a group of adjusters who, together with the Medical Services Unit, will be in charge of compiling, reviewing, and assessing the bodily injuries being claimed.

Once the claim is received, you will be assigned a number and an adjuster, who will be responsible for processing your claim. Should you need information as to the status of your claim, you may call the adjuster assigned to the case. Should you not know the number or the name of the adjuster assigned to your claim, you may call 939-205-5704 and they will gladly provide you the information.

Automobile Legal Claims

All legal claims, meaning a Complaint, will be addressed exclusively by the Claims Department at the Central Office. The Department has a Legal Unit that consists of a group of Adjusters experienced in handling legal cases. They will be in charge of investigating the facts that gave rise to the claim, as well as compiling any information and/or documents pertinent to the defense of the claim.

If you are served with a complaint, it is extremely important that you forward a copy of the documents to MAPFRE immediately. The Rules of Civil Procedure establish a period of twenty (30) days from the date of service of the summons and complaint to file an answer to the plaintiff’s allegations. You may forward the summons and the complaint by fax to 787-772-8453 or bring them in person to the Claims Department, located on the fourth floor of the Central Office.

Once the summons and complaint are received, MAPFRE will review the allegations and verify whether they are covered by your insurance policy, in order to assign you a legal representative. The name of the attorney will be notified to you by letter, so that you may contact that person and assist him or her in the defense of the claim. Similarly, a letter will be mailed to you if your policy does not cover you for the facts claimed in the complaint, in which case you will have to hire the services of an attorney at your own expense.

On the other hand, in accordance with the Insurance Contract, every policyholder is obligated to communicate to MAPFRE any loss, occurrence, or accident as soon as possible. Prompt notification to MAPFRE of any loss, occurrence, or accident will enable us to contact the affected party more effectively and immediately, which, many times, prevents the filing of a complaint against the policyholder.

Finally, the Insurance Contract establishes the policyholder’s obligation to cooperate with the insurance company in the investigation of the claim. This includes, but is not limited to, offering verbal and/or written statements, providing documentation, locating witnesses, and appearing before the Court.
Should you have any doubts, you may contact the Claims Department at 939-205-5704.

What information is necessary to process your claim under the home or commercial property policy?

All Property claims, including Maritime and Bonds, will be addressed by the Property Claims Department, Central Office. The Department consists of a group of Adjusters and Engineers with the pertinent education and experience in handling Claims stemming from damages to commercial and/or residential structures, as well as personal and/or commercial property.

As soon as the Claim is received, it is assigned to a specific Adjuster, who will contact the Policyholder to assist and guide him or her through the established process. The policyholder will be informed about the documents and information he or she must furnish to expedite the adjustment process and final conclusion of the claim.

On occasion, Experts and external Adjusters are hired for evaluations that warrant this action. It is very important to inform MAPFRE as soon as possible about any claim for damages to property, so as not to affect the inspection and damage determination process.

Information and documentation necessary to process a Property claim:

  • Name and telephone number of the Policyholder.
  • Policy Number.
  • Address of the place where the damages occurred.
  • Date and cause of the damages claimed.
  • Estimate of damages (this applies to structure and contents).
  • Invoice of purchase of the property claimed.
  • Police and Fire Departments reports, as applicable.
  • Any other information or document that is deemed necessary according to the property claimed.