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We offer accident prevention service at no cost to our policyholders, restoration of car lights, windshield repair, and engine diagnostics.

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If the Compulsory Liability Insurance does not give you all the tranquility you need, you are more than 30 years old, and you use your car for pleasure or to and from work, we have created AUTOPLUS for you.

AUTOPLUS is the perfect alternative to purchasing insurance when paying your tag. AUTOPLUS honors the coverage required by Law 201 of Compulsory Liability Insurance, expanding at your convenience (up to $20,000) the Liability limit required by law, expanding the public liability coverage for damages to cars and also to third party property and injuries to third persons. It includes 24-hour Roadside Assistance coverage and a $5,000 coverage for Accidental Death and other benefits for dismemberment, fractures, and dislocations as a result of a traffic accident. Other benefits of AUTOPLUS are coverage for Medical Expenses (up to $1,000) for you and your passengers, and Legal Defense coverage.

All of these benefits from just $36.00* per year, in addition to the $99 tag.

Compulsory Insurance
​Damages to other automobiles in excess of $4,500NoYes - Up to $20,000
Medical ExpensesNoYes - Up to $1,000
Damages to third party propertyNoYes - Up to $20,000
Bodily Injuries or death of third personsNoYes - Up to $20,000
Roadside AssistanceNoYes - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Tow ServiceNoYes
Tier changing serviceNoYes
Locksmith ServiceNoYes
Vehicle ignitionNoYes
Fuel deliveryNoYes
Taxi or rental carNoYes
Overnight in hotelNoYes
​Storage and custody of carNoYes
Delivery of repaired or recovered carNoYes
Ambulance serviceNoYes
​Accidental death or dismembermentNoYes - Up to $5,000

*Premium for someone over 65 years of age, use for pleasure, Island territory, and public liability of $5,000.

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General Conditions

The General Conditions of any insurance are aimed at detailing the terms of coverages and their content. The following general conditions include guarantees set to protect the driver in case of an accident.

The Compulsory Liability Insurance is required by the Government of Puerto Rico for all private vehicles travelling in the country.

Your compulsory insurance covers you for all amounts which you may be legally required to pay as a result from an accident while driving or using your vehicle, which causes damages to other vehicles, up to a maximum of $4,500. AUTOPLUS increases at your convenience (up to $20,000) the liability limit required by law, expanding the coverage for damages to third party property and bodily injury to third persons.

Damages to your automobile are not covered by this policy.

Requirements and restrictions

This MAPFRE auto insurance has certain requirements and restrictions that shall be evaluated by you in order to know better your rights and obligations when hiring it.

  • For purposes of this policy, is considered that a private car belongs to a person if it is leased under a written agreement to that person and for a continuous period of at least 6 months.

The following restrictions apply to the policy:

  • The policy does not cover bodily injury or death suffered while the insured person is employed or engaged with incidental duties to the operation, loading or unloading of autos; or employed as an assistant in a public transportation or rental of cars.
  • The policy does not cover loss caused by or resulting from disease. This exclusion does not apply to infections caused by bacteria or viruses that occur because of bodily injury covered by this policy.
  • Coverage is not provided for bodily injuries or death caused by war, rebellion, insurrection or revolution.
  • We will not cover liability of the policyholder arising from the use of the car while is used to compete in any race or speed contest.
  • We will not cover liability of the policyholder arising from a fraudulent behavior in a car accident.

Recommendations for use

We recommend to the policyholder, in order to receive benefits of all the guarantees of the policy, to consider some relevant aspects before and after contracting the policy:

Recommendations to purchase your auto insurance:

  • Read carefully the statements and the special provisions of each coverage.

Recommendations to receive benefits from your auto insurance:

  • In case of an accident, you must notify us, as soon as possible, how, when and where it happened.
  • In case of an accident, you must co-operate with us fully.
  • In case of an accident, you must send us every information about the event in your possession without delay. You have to send us immediately any correspondence or other documents you receive.
  • To receive roadside assistance, you should call us as soon as possible and communicate us your identification data, the car license, the policy number, the place where the car is located and the type of services required.
  • If you want to cancel the policy, you must submit a writing notice before the date of entry into force of the cancellation.
  • After completion of the limit of liability of this policy, we will not be forced to defend any litigation or to pay any claim or judgment.
  • The rights obtained contracting the policy cannot be transferred without the express consent of the company. However, if the insured dies, the company will provide cover for the surviving spouse or legal representative if he/she resides in the same place as the policyholder.

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