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Gives you safety recommendations to reduce the risk of an accident occurring

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According to your needs, at MAPFRE we can provide you with a program designed to reduce substantially possible losses derived from unwanted and unexpected developments. This is based on an analysis of the risk and the situations that potentially could cause a loss to the facilities, personnel, and/or third parties

The complex economic environment that companies face requires a management model that strives to minimize costs through effective risk management. That is why at MAPFRE we help you with the design and incorporation of risk management measures to minimize their impact or probability of occurring.

MAPFRE places at your disposal an Engineering and Loss Control Unit to help its customers manage such unforeseen situations through Loss Control programs designed with the customer’s unique characteristics in mind. For the customer, this represents a savings in the reduction of unforeseen costs through the implementation of a security systems and business protection program.

Even when damages can be insured, there are components such as deductibles, loss of production, and harm to the corporate image that are not covered, and could result in a negative economic impact on the business. On the other hand, clearly a company that has fewer insured losses should enjoy a more reduced premium than a company whose history is quite the opposite.

Do not compromise the survival and development of your company, let us help you…

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