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It is very important for MAPFRE to guarantee the safety of its policyholders and claimants. Repairs should be done correctly and in workshops legally authorized by the Government of Puerto Rico. A well done repair guarantees the efficiency and endurance of the automobile should it receive a new impact, thus, minimizing the risk of injuries to its occupants.

MAPFRE has selected a wide network of metal and paint workshops throughout the island, where in addition to fulfilling the technical, quality, and legal requirements, the customers may obtain additional benefits.

Advantages of Repairing your Automobile in one of MAPFRE Network’s workshops:

  • All workshops affiliated with our Network are legally established and, therefore, have all of the permits to operate in Puerto Rico.
  • All workshops in the Network have the necessary insurance coverages to respond in the event that your automobile is damaged during the course of the repair.
  • Without having to visit the workshop, you can follow the repair of your automobile through the Internet, you can view photographs of the stage of the repair of your car, and the date it is expected to be delivered to you. This is possible through the “CUSTOMERS ZONE” link. You may also contact your workshop and/or adjuster, should you need to do so.
  • Most of our workshops offer you transportation to your workplace or home.
  • Once repaired, it will be washed for free.
  • You will obtain discounts on additional repairs you may want to have done.
  • You will obtain greater guarantees in the operations performed.
  • And since most of the Banking entities have already placed their trust in our network, in minor repairs your bank will not be included in the repair payment check. Consequently, you will avoid the inconvenience of having to go to your banking entity to endorse the check.

Repair your automobile in MAPFRE’s Workshop Network; there are plenty of reasons to do so.
For more information, contact your authorized representative or producer or call MAPFRE Contact Center at 787-250-5214 or 1-888-835-3634. You can also access the digital directory of the MAPFRE Workshop Network by clicking here.

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