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Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto

Coverage for any type of unit of a commercial nature or use.

Protect any type of commercial unit under our Commercial Auto policies. There are diverse coverage and insurance programs to satisfy the different needs of your business.

Below is a detail of our programs:

  • Commercial Auto: Provides coverage for any type of unit of a commercial nature or use.
  • Truckers: The truckers’ policy is a product that allows the performance of a vital component of our economy: freight transportation.
  • Bus Program: Designed to offer coverage to buses whose primary use is Transporting School Children. In addition, coverage is offered to buses used incidentally to drive schoolchildren to special activities. This program is governed by the requirements of the Department of Education.

These programs include important basic coverage:


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Covers bodily injury and damages to property caused by negligent acts for which you or your employees are legally liable.

Covers direct damages to your vehicles as a result of collisions, theft, vandalism, flood, etc.

Covers the assistance service up to the limit covered or specified in the policy. This applies to small units only.

Designed for parking lots, automobile dealerships, and workshops. Important coverages:

  • Public Liability - Covers damages caused by an automobile while it is tested on the road, or damages caused by a vehicle under the custody of a workshop or parking lot. It also covers injuries or damages to the property of third parties within a dealer’s premises, a workshop, or an automobile parking lot.
  • Physical damages - Covers damages suffered by the for-sale units at dealerships.
  • Garage keepers - Covers damages to vehicles for which a business engaged in the repair, parking, or custody of vehicles is legally liable.
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