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Prevent risky situations by contracting adequate Public Liability insurance coverage for your business.

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MAPFRE can offer you a large variety of insurance policies according to your needs. We take care to offer maximum of protection for your business against losses for Public Liability, which cover civil liability, reimbursement of medical expenses to third parties as a result of accidents for which you are found to be legally liable, and damages to property of others. 

We have limits starting at $100,000 per occurrence.

This is why we place at your disposal a variety of products that can improve the quality of your life and make you feel more secure in any eventuality. For additional information, contact MAPFRE Contact Center at 787-250-5214 or 1-888-835-3634 (island).


A claim or lawsuit against your business, due to bodily injury or damage to the property of third persons caused by an accident in which you or your dependents are legally liable, may cause significant impairment of your assets. Avoid risky situations to your financial health by contracting adequate Public Liability insurance coverage. Exposures stem mainly from the following categories.

  • Premises and Operations
    Basically this covers bodily injuries or damages to property caused by accidents suffered on premises occupied by the policyholder or accidents that occur outside the premises, but caused by the operations or work performed by the policyholder.
  • Products and Completed Operations
    This covers bodily injuries or damages to property that occur outside the policyholder’s premises and that arise as a result of manufactured goods or products sold or distributed by the policyholder. It also covers injuries resulting from the operations or work performed by the policyholder.

MAPFRE agrees to pay for damages caused by the insured to third parties and from which he/she is legally liable as a result of a negligence, provided that the cause of loss is within the terms and conditions of the coverage.

  • Public Liability insurance provides maximum protection for business, because it covers the amounts which the policyholder may be legally required to pay for damages and injuries to third parties. This prevents the insured from suffering significant losses in his/her equity.

This policy has certain requirements and restrictions that shall be evaluated by the customer before contracting it. It is very important to consider them in order to decide which insurance policy suits you and your business better.

  • The liability for damages, particularly negligence, are responsible for most of the situations covered by the Public Liability policy. Includes personal safety, property, reputation and privacy, among others. The Public Liability policy responds to expositions, with defense if needed, payment of damages for personal injury, damage to other people’s property or personal injuries. The policy contains exclusions or restrictions for the following reasons: (1) There is another type of policy designed to respond to that particular exposition. (2) Requires an additional premium to cover the exclusion or limitation. (3) Risks that are not insurable.
  • Activities that represent potential sources of claims include the premises, the operations, the products and the completed works.

The policy has the following restrictions:

  • We will not provide liability coverage to any person intentionally causing bodily injuries or damages to property to a third person. This exclusion does not apply to bodily injury resulting from the use of reasonable force to protect persons or property.
  • We will not provide coverage for third party damages or bodily injuries if the insured caused or contributed to the alcohol poisoning of any person.
  • We will not provide coverage for third party damages or bodily injuries if the insured has assumed liability in a contract or agreement.
  • We will not cover any obligation of the insured under a workers’ compensation or disability benefits law.
  • Coverage is not provided for damages or bodily injuries to a third party, caused by war, revolution or rebellion.
  • We will not cover damages caused by loss, loss due to use, corruption, inability to access or impossibility of handling electronic data.

MAPFRE recommends the policyholder, in order to receive benefits of all the guarantees of the policy, to consider some relevant aspects before and after contracting it:

Recommendations for contracting a Public Liability insurance for your business.

  • Read carefully the clauses and the special provisions of each coverage.

Recommendations to receive benefits from your policy coverages:

  • In case of a mishap you must notify it to us in us without delay and inform us about its details.
  • In case of an accident you must provide us the names and addresses of any injured persons and witnesses.
  • In case of an accident you must send us any claim, summonses or notifications that you receive.
  • You must cooperate with us fully in the the investigation or settlement of the claim.
  • You cannot incur in expenses related with the claim without our consent.
  • You must authorize us, if needed, to obtain records and other information related to the incident.

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