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24 hour home assistance for plumbing, locksmith, electricity, and glass related emergency situations.

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MAPFRE has Home Assistance for those unexpected situations. The newest coverage for just $55 a year. You can always count on a plumber, locksmith, electrician, or glass doctor to solve your emergencies, with no surprises and with MAPFRE’s effectiveness.

  • Glass

    In the event of an accidental breakage of a glass or glass door, or windows that are a part of the insured home’s exterior (up to $300 per event). 

  • Plumbing

    In the event of accidental rupture of pipes, faucets, or other permanent fixtures of the insured home (up to $300 per event), or pipe unclogging (up to $100 per event). 

  • Loocksmith
    In the event of the loss, misplacement, or theft of keys, or if by accident the locks become useless making it impossible to access the insured home (up to $300 per event).
  • Electricity
    In the event of a power failure in the insured home or within its premises, as a result of a failure or breakdown of the electrical facilities (up to $300 per event).


In addition, so that you can make improvements and/or repairs o your home with the most convenient budget and the service of high quality professionals, the Home Assistance Program offers you Connection to Professionals, whereby by simply calling, we will provide you with information and make professionals available to you, or we will send them to your home to provide a cost quotation or do the repair work you require, in specialties such as:

  • Plumbing, Carpentry, Fumigation Locksmith, Moving, Awnings, Electricity,
  • Carpets, Blinds, Glass, Cooks, Roofs, Safety/Surveillance,
  • Chauffeurs, Refrigeration, Masonry, Cleaning Service, Gardening.


For more information, please see our brochure or call the MAPFRE Contact Center at 787 250 5214, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

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