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Group life insurance

Group Life Insurance

MAPFRE’s Life insurance offers companies benefits and advantages that users can enjoy along with the coverage’s established in the policy’s General Terms and Conditions.

The Group Life also includes Accidental Death, which doubles the basic coverage compensation.

Accidental Dismemberment is an addition to the Group Life insurance package, 50% compensation of the Basic benefit for the accidental loss of an extremity or 100% for the loss of 2 extremities.

MAPFRE provides insured’s others benefits, such as customer service by phone, available 24 hours. Users who need to know more about their policy or have questions can call our Call Center, Tele-operators knowledgeable in Group Life are available to assist. 

Through our innovative digital processing transformation, we also have a Health Portal that provides access to staff available to address your needs and provide guidance to both employers as members.

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