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Fundación MAPFRE launches the European and LATAM Social Innovation Awards

  • Aimed at projects that develop innovative healthcare, road safety and insurance solutions, the awards program will be rolled out in collaboration with the IE Business School
  • Winners (one in each category) will receive 30,000 euros in cash.
  • The semi-finalists and finalists will present their projects to a jury of experts and receive training and advice.
  • The deadline for submitting applications is April 30, 2018.

 Fundación MAPFRE presented the first Fundación MAPFRE Awards for Social Innovation, with the purpose of supporting and promoting innovative solutions that improve the world we live in.

The awards, which will be rolled out in collaboration with the IE Business School, come with a cash prize of 30,000 euros each to fund the ongoing requirements of the winning projects. They are being presented in three categories:

 Improvements in Healthcare and Digital Technology (e-Health): for projects that improve our health culture, promote healthy behavior and contribute to changing unhealthy habits.

Innovation in Insurance: rewards new technological ideas that help make insurance more accessible and transparent for clients, that improves service and insurance provider efficiency and encourages interest in social protection.

Mobility and Road Safety: aimed at identifying technological solutions that reduce accident rates, streamline traffic flows, cut contamination levels and assist in designing more sustainable urban environments.

 Those interested in participating in the competition have until April 30 to submit their project. Entries must not only be innovative in their approach, but should also show high potential to create real social impact, as well as being technically, financially and organizationally viable.

The capacity and experience of applicants when developing an idea will be assessed; all applicants must provide proof of this in pilot tests or with prototypes and demonstrate that their project can come to fruition.

Initially, the awards will be launched for three main regions, from which the countries in which the semi-finals will be held will be selected, and in which 27 semi-finalists will participate, i.e., 3 applicants in each one of the three categories and from each region.

The semi-finals will be held between June, July and September in the reference countries, in which a single applicant will be classified in each category, who will participate in the grand final in Madrid. This event will be held on October 17, in which the three winners (one per category) will be announced during the gala ceremony that will close this year’s edition.


Both the semi-finalists and finalists will be capable of using different channels to promote their projects, which will make them visible to others. To this end, they will receive support, advice and help to communicate and develop their proposals as effectively as possible, with mentoring for semi-finalists and coaching for finalists. They will also have the opportunity of participating in a public relations plan, receiving exposure to investors and funding entities and will receive funding to cover their travel and accommodation costs when attending the competition events.

Projects can be submitted via:

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