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More than 700,000 people in 21 countries benefit from MAPFRE corporate volunteering

The MAPFRE corporate volunteer program ended 2014 with a total of 725,020 direct beneficiaries, which represents an 816 percent increase over the previous year. 

In 2014, a total of 52,066 participations were recorded in the 513 activities completed by the 2,465 MAPFRE volunteers, a group composed of employees, family members, delegates, agents and clients of the Group, and coming from 21 countries in America, Asia and Europe. 

“MAPFRE volunteer activities in hospitals, soup kitchens, schools and orphanages imply not only effort and dedication, but are also a source of great satisfaction and a chance to involve the commitment of clients, employees, delegates and cultural agents in the company’s culture and values”, MAPFRE Chairman and CEO Antonio Huertas pointed out, and that “one of the main challenges for the company over the next few years is to become a global example of charitable collaboration.”

In 2014 MAPFRE volunteers dedicated more than 8,837 hours to activities related to four main areas, nutrition, health, education and assistance in emergencies, thus strengthening the commitment to individual responsibility by those who, together with MAPFRE, are an integral part of the communities in which they are present.

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