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MAPFRE launches a new campaign on trust and the importance of personal environment

“We trust you, and you?” This is the motto of the new MAPFRE campaign that aims, through six personal stories, to emphasize the value of the environment, as an engine and driver of talent.

This is the second global action of MAPFRE, adapted to the countries of origin of the protagonists: Peru, Puerto Rico, Mexico, the United States, Brazil and Spain, which delves into the territory of CONFIDENCE as an axis of transformation and improvement; a trust that this time comes from family, friends, or teachers who become life mentors.

In Puerto Rico, the renowned saxophonist, composer and teacher of sixteen instruments, Edgar Abraham, has been the protagonist of this inspiring campaign. Edgar, who began to play the violin at age 3, at the hands of his father, a member of the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra, discovered his passion for jazz together with the figure of Héctor Miranda, who he saw in him, with such only 10 years old, unique abilities for music. Today Edgar, turned into a virtuoso saxophonist, has managed to play in one of the most important halls in the world, Carnegie Hall in New York, and win three Latin Grammys.

The cornerstone of the campaign that can be seen on social networks and on the www.confianzamapfre.com platform is a 63 ”spot where the six complete stories are told. The action, implemented in all the company’s digital channels, is complemented with pills and different digital pieces of each character.

Learn about the story of Edgar Abraham here

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