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Fundación MAPFRE’s work in Puerto Rico is recognized

On December 16, the NGO, Vidas Servicios Sociales Episcopales celebrated its 25th anniversary of foundation, with a fundraising gala for the Hogar Albergue San Miguel de Ponce in which Fundación MAPFRE received an award.

On this occasion, 25 “lives” of people and / or entities that have been linked to Hogar San Miguel were honored and recognized: one for each year. Fundación MAPFRE was distinguished for its contribution and support to the education and well-being of the children of the Home, through the “Forming Community” Project and the Corporate Volunteer Program.

Hogar San Miguel is part of Fundación MAPFRE’s Forming Community Program and has been a beneficiary of funds since 2011. The entity provides shelter to children between the ages of 6 and 17, removed from their homes, victims of physical, emotional and / or damage. or sexual abuse. It is the only hostel in Puerto Rico that accepts children with health conditions.

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MAPFRE Annual General Meeting 2021

Financial statements for fiscal year 2020 and a dividend of 12.5 euro cents per share (gross) approved at the Annual General Meeting, giving a total of 385 million euros in remuneration for shareholders against results.

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