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Documentary “Los Niños de María”

Hurricane Maria Stories Documentary Through the Eyes of Puerto Rican Children

The documentary “Los Niños de María” arises from the idea of ​​knowing from the perspective of our children, what happened in Puerto Rico before, during and after the passage of Hurricane María. The purpose of the documentary is to tell the story of how a country that has been hit by a natural phenomenon, in this case a super-hurricane, is rebuilt with the support of its citizens. A reconstruction that is nourished, among other things, by the strength of a people to face adversity. His focus is the people, their resilience and resourcefulness in managing adversity and rebuilding.

“We often visualize children – taking our children as a point of reference – as beings who need direction and advice. However, through this documentary, we will meet these children who teach how to act in the face of adversity and how to contribute to the recovery of their country, ”said Alexis Sánchez, President and CEO of MAPFRE PUERTO RICO. “We are convinced that it will be children like Los Niños de María, who will make the future of Puerto Rico be positively transformed,” added Sánchez.

“The fascinating thing about the documentary“ Los Niños de María ”is that its story achieves an emotional bond with the audience through quality informative content. From the first moment, we understood that it was an opportunity to support Puerto Rico and to be an example for other countries that had to go through similar situations, ”said Iraida Meléndez, MAPFRE’s Senior Vice President.

The documentary that was commissioned by MAPFRE is aimed at the general public and lasts 1 hour. It was produced by Laura Duque and César Cienfuegos and Clarissa Llenza as executive producers.

“We were fortunate to find some spectacular children who have a lot to teach people; children who are not only proud of their country, but take care of it and protect it. They are working families that have been part of the island’s recovery after Hurricane María”, said Laura Duque, Producer of the documentary.

Los Niños de María, will premiere on Thursday, December 20, 2018 in the Caribbean Cinemas theaters in Plaza Las Américas, Plaza del Sol in Bayamón, Las Catalinas Mall in Caguas, Plaza Escorial in San Juan and Plaza Guaynabo.


Valeria Jiménez y Stephanie Jiménez – Utuado
Alexander Morales – Yabucoa
Alejandro Rivera y Antonio Rivera – Naranjito
Amanda Mues, Ian Mues y Lucas Mues – Caimito
José David Lebrón – Caimito
Andrés Arocho – San Juan
Giancarlo Méndez y Kiran Méndez – Rincón
Mia Isabel Zenón y Ricardo Zenón- Vieques
Alexa Giulimondi – San Juan
Sergio Cardona y Jimena Cardona – Jayuya

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