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Fundación MAPFRE develop APP to learn how to act and avoid deaths from choking

Fundación MAPFRE has presented its new SOS Respira campaign, an initiative that aims to reduce deaths due to airway obstruction and which can be avoided with a few simple maneuvers.

Every year in Puerto Rico around 80 people die from choking, which occurs mainly when an object is accidentally trapped in the respiratory tract, preventing the passage of air into the lungs and causing suffocation. Most of the obstructions that occur are mild, but others can reach a serious stage where the person goes into respiratory arrest due to lack of oxygen and dies.

The SOS Respira campaign is accompanied by a mobile application available for IOS and Android systems. In this application, users will learn to identify and respond to an airway obstruction, in victims of all ages, including adults, children or infants. Through videos and diagrams, the correct action sequence and the necessary maneuvers to attend to a choking are shown.

The event was attended by Antonio Guzmán, Director of the Fundación MAPFRE Health Promotion Area, who presented the campaign and the SOS-Respira mobile application, the objective of which is for anyone to learn how to properly perform the Heimlich maneuver through of support videos. “With a simple maneuver, the airway can be freed from an obstruction by a foreign body,” said Guzmán, who traveled from Spain to be present at the launch. “A timely intervention can save many lives,” he said.

Fundación MAPFRE has joined forces with important entities such as the Bureau of the Medical Emergency Corps of the Government of Puerto Rico, the Puerto Rico Hotel and Tourism Association and the National University College, to take the initiatives of this project around the Island, during the anus.

For his part, Iraida Meléndez, Senior Vice President and Head of Fundación MAPFRE in PR, stated: “We are very pleased to be able to bring this new Fundación MAPFRE initiative to make available to everyone the possibility of saving lives just by downloading the SOS Respira App . “

The spokespersons for the campaign in Puerto Rico are journalist Milly Méndez and Chef Enrique Piñeiro. Together with Fundación MAPFRE, they support the dissemination of this important message to the entire population.

For more information about the initiative call 787-250-6500, extension 6672 or through fundacionmapfre@mapfrepr.com.


About: Fundación MAPFRE

Since 1975, at Fundación MAPFRE we have been committed to people’s well-being and we carry out a wide range of activities around the world through five areas, which have a common goal: our responsible commitment to society.

The five areas in which our activities are articulated are: Social Action, Health Promotion, Culture, Prevention and Road Safety, and Insurance and Social Welfare.

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