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What are the service hours?

MAPFRE Contact Center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can reach us at 787-250-5214 (metro area) and 1-888-835-3634 (toll free) or email us MAPFRE_INFO_GENERAL@mapfrepr.com.

Our main office and branches` hours are Monday through Friday from 8:15 am until 4:45 pm, call us at 787-250-6500 or visit us.

For branches locations click here.

What is the number for Roadside Assistance?

Call MAPFRE Contact Center at 787-250-5214 (metro area) or at 1-888-835-3634 (toll free), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What products can I quote online and what information must be provided?

Quote these products online, here is the information you need you to provide:

  • Private Auto, Liability, Road Assistance, and Extended Warranty – vehicle’s make, model, and year. For extended warranties, mileage and date of original registration on the vehicle’s license.
  • Segurviaje (travel)– Departure and return travel dates, name and date of birth of passengers.
  • Dwelling – Physical address of the property, construction type, occupancy and property value.

Get a quote here, call the nearest branch office or call Televentas at 787-250-5215.

How to apply for Compulsory Liability Insurance Certificate or voucher to renew vehicle registration permit?

MAPFRE will mail the voucher between 60 to 45 days prior to the expiration date of your vehicle registration permit if your policy has been paid in full and you could also find it on the Documents section of your policy on the Insured Portal. If you didn’t get yours, you can get it through our portal “Digital Voucher” or please call MAPFRE Contact Center at 787-250-5214 (metro area), 1-888-835-3634 (toll free), 24 hours, 7days a week or visit one our branches to request it.

Our branch offices are conveniently located throughout the Island, click here to find the nearest branch.

How can I request reimbursement of Compulsory Liability Insurance?

If you didn’t use the voucher for the renewal of your vehicle’s permit, you can request reimbursement sending a copy of the vehicles registration license marked as paid along with the Compulsory Liability Insurance Selection Form, your policy number, phone and mailing address via fax at 787-772-8409, mail to PO Box 70333, San Juan, PR, 00936-8333 or visiting one of our branches conveniently located throughout the Island.

How can I file a claim online?
  • Refer to information and documents needed to report a claim
  • Complete the blanks and click on “Someter”
  • The system will return a claim number
  • You will be able to set the appointment for inspection of the damaged vehicle online at your convenience

Select the following link to report claim.
You can do this through our mobile app MIS SEGUROS, calling our Contact Center at 787-250-5214 (metro area) or 1-888-835-3634 (toll free) through your authorized representative, producer or general agency.

Do I need to set an appointment for the inspection of my damaged vehicle?

It is convenient to schedule an appointment online for the appraisal of your vehicles damages on one of our branch office since we will be able to reduce your wait. You will need your claim number. You may also do it by phone with MAPFRE Contact Center at 787-250-5214(metro area) and 1-888-835-3634 (toll free), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Click on the following link to schedule your appointment .
In order to schedule an appointment you must have reported your loss and have a file claim number.

Where can I repair my vehicle?

MAPFRE has a network of repair shops located throughout the Island. In the metro area is MAPFRE’S own MULTISERVICAR Collision Repair Center. Call 787-710-2180. Click on the following link to see all the repair shops on our network: here

What information and documents do I need to file an Auto claim?
  • Email (to file online)
  • Policy Number
  • Vehicle Plate Number and zip code (if you do not have the policy number)
  • Complaint number (indispensable requisite for Compulsory Liability Insurance claims)
  • General information of the accident (date, time, location, and brief description)
  • Name and telephone of the policyholder

The following documents must be provided for the analysis and evaluation of the claim:

  • Vehicle’s registration (license)
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Friendly Accident Report(for Compulsory Liability Insurance)

Additional documents or may be required:

  • Police Report
  • Claimant’s vehicle permit evidence of payment (Compulsory Liability Insurance)
  • Other

Select the following link to report claim.

What is the GAP of a car?

Many would think that it is the famous brand of clothing store, but it is not so in the insurance environment means something totally different.

The “Gap” is the cover that covers the difference between the value of the insured vehicle and the amount owed to the bank / cooperative / financial that financed the cost. That is, as an example: If the car has a value of $17,000 and $30,000 is owed, the GAP insurance covers the $13,000 difference. It is the insurance that pays the difference between the current cash value of the car and the amount remaining in the loan balance.

What is included in auto insurance?

I suppose you have asked yourself what is the least you can have in your insurance policy to protect your car in case of theft, an accident among other things.

Well, one of the most common cover is the collision and comprehensive policy. And what are they? A collision policy or also known as collision coverage, is one that pays for the damages of your car, no matter who caused the accident. The company must pay for the repair, or up to the current cash value of the vehicle, less the deductible. And the comprehensive policy, covers the losses of your car for causes that are not accidents, less the deductible. They include theft, vandalism, flood and fire.

There are other types of covers that you can add are roadside assistance, public liability (covers bodily injury and property damage to third parties caused by you or by a person authorized by you to drive it, and who is not otherwise excluded from driving). the policy, and the GAP, which covers the difference between the value of your car and what is still owed to the car financer.

Remember that these are some of the basic covers, and there are many more and we can help you select the perfect options for you.

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