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Bonds Insurance


Because the security of your business is in good hands - Bids, Payment, Performance Bonds, Commercial Bonds.

​MAPFRE provides bond service for contracts, fidelity, and government requirements, among others. Below are some of the types of bonds offered by MAPFRE to its policyholders.

Bonds Types

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These bonds are the ones that the government or the owner of a construction project requires that the contractor have. The following are among these bonds:

  • Bid Bonds.
  • Payment & Performance Bonds.
  • Maintenance Bonds.
  • Replacement Bonds.

Bonds that the government, the laws, or another entity may require of individuals or businesses.

MAPFRE offers the following types of commercial bonds:

Court Bonds

  • Judicial Bonds.
  • Fiduciary Bonds.

Miscellaneous Bonds

This type of bond arises as a requirement of some regulation or is issued to cover a particular situation. They are used to guarantee an agreement already established, such as for example:

  • Payment guaranty bond.
  • Electric power or water service guarantee bonds.
  • Rental bonds.

License and Permits Bonds

These bonds are required by the state or municipality, or by a municipal and/or state ordinance. This kind of bond is required to obtain a license to operate a business or to obtain a permit to exercise a particular privilege.

Federal Bonds

These are payment guaranty bonds issued by the federal government. They include the following:

  • Customs Bond.
  • Loan Closing Attorney Bond.
  • Contract Postal Unit Bond

For more information, please see our brochure.

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