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Car Insurance: Public Liability

Extended Public Liability

For an additional premium, you can extend your coverage for bodily injury and third party property damages.

This covers bodily injuries and damages to third party property caused by you or for which you are legally liable being possible to expand the basic coverages that are offered.

Public Liability – Damages to Third Persons

You may expand, according to your needs, the basic compulsory insurance coverage to protect yourself from bodily injuries or damages you cause to another’s property. Remember that the compulsory insurance only covers damages (up to $4,500) to third persons’ cars, not providing coverage for damages to third person property or bodily injuries.

For an additional premium you will have additional coverage, such as: 

Additional coverages

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This provides coverage for reasonable expenses incurred for medical or funeral services necessary due to bodily injury caused by an accident or suffered by the policyholder, the “members of the family” while they occupy the insured vehicle, and other passengers who are riding in the insured vehicle.

The services that you may receive include:

  • Vehicle towing (up to $200 per occurrence).

  • Vehicle extraction (up to $125 per occurrence).
  • Transportation to one’s residence.
  • Locksmith.
  • Fuel delivery.
  • Vehicle ignition through “jumper cables”.
  • Tire changing.
  • Others.
For more information, contact your authorized representative or producer or call MAPFRE Contact Center at 787-250-5214 or 1-888-835-3634 (island).
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